Ich war hier und habe nicht geschlafen, aber ich habe sie aufgeregt.

Plastic flowers in empty tins. Scribbled pages of calendars. Graffiti on the wall, cleaning rags as tablecloths. Pictures on the walls tell of dreams and wishes. Arrangements full of memories.

At a first glance the performer (Thérèse Nylén) is barely noticeable. She is part of her environment. Without movement. Another still life. She resolves herself out of the image and guides us through the abandoned rooms.


2-Channel-Video-Installation, 6 Min, HDV, Colour, UdK 2008

Concept, Camera, Editing: Henrike Meyer
Choreography, Performance: Thérèse Nylén
Camera Assistent: David Schmitt
Sound Design: Christian Obermeier, Annie Goh
Support: Asta/Interflux, UdK

Les Recontres Internationales Paris/Madrid/Berlin
Volksbühne im Prater, Berlin
ISFF Detmold
Souterrain Galerie, Berlin
Berliner Liste
Tanznacht Berlin